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The Eight/Rose Community
The Capitol
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome one and all to the Eight/Rose livejournal community, where you and your friends can come to relish in the wonderfully non-canon crack!pairing of Doctor Who characters Rose Tyler and the Eighth Doctor! Any and all material (such as fanfiction, images, debates, ect.) focusing on this pairing, be it in friendship or romance, is accepted and encouraged.

Note that all material must feature primarily the Eighth Doctor and Rose Tyler, as played by Paul McGann and Billie Piper. Materiel featuring Rose with other Doctors, such as the Ninth or Tenth Doctors, is also welcomed so long as both Rose and the Eighth Doctor play a major part in said material. Posts concerning the actors themselves without anything featuring the fictional characters they play are generally not acceptable and will be deleted at the moderator's discretion.

Also note that this is a shipper's community. Any material which is overtly anti-Doctor/Rose or can be construed as character bashing to either Eight or Rose will not be accepted.

The Golden Rules

No flame wars or personal attacks of any kind will be acceptable. Please use LJ cuts when posting anything of great length, including images and fanfiction, and use the proper warnings for anything with spoilers or adult material. Use the appropriate tags for all content. And please do not post links to where you can download copyright content illegally.


Coms of Like Substance:

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* oh_she_knows for those who love seeing the Doctor and Rose in love
* eight_love for the general adoration of the Eighth Doctor
* rose_lives for the enduring attachment to the companion Rose Tyler
* who_otp for all your alternate Who pairing needs
* rose100 for drabble challenges focused on Rose Tyler
* onetrueshipfest for giving story ideas, writing fics, and sharing them with other Doctor/Rose lovers
* dw_challenge for bi-weekly Doctor Who fanfiction challenges
* ten_n_tyler for fans of the Tenth Doctor/Rose ship
* better_with_3 for fans of the Doctor/Rose/Jack threesome (either as friends or lovers)
* allthat_hopping for episode transcripts