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Fic: All Roads Lead to You, 18/25

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May. 14th, 2010 | 05:41 pm
posted by: meremoon in eight_rose_love

Title: All Roads Lead to You
Author: meremoon 
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, angst, timey-wimey intrigue and even some occasional humour
Characters: TenII, Eight, Rose, Charley
Betas: An extra special thanks to imzadimylove for reading me the riot act, good and proper over the direction I was originally going to take this chapter - and then providing a better alternative. Also thanks to MizJoely for her beta skills, and additional thanks to alizarin_skies and lorelaisquared for their contributions. 

Summary: When you’ve lost everything you really care about, a simple gift can be like a rare treasure. And if you cherish it, it might just bring possibilities beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Setting: Post-JE with a "Human Nature" twist.

Chapter 18: Confrontations and Candour

Previous chapters:
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